This is great news for most of us, however, there are a new set of requirements which must be met in order to carry out work safely. These guidelines came through over night and we have summarised this for you below. Early next week we will share more details on how your HazardCo system will support this for you.

Before arriving on site

  • Review and update your Site Specific Safety Plan
  • Ensure you have a COVID-19 specific risk mitigation plan
  • Re-induct all workers to include COVID-19
  • Conduct a toolbox meeting (over video) to update everyone on your plan

Site entry

  • Ensure your site is secure and you have clear signage at all entries, including signage outlining your commitment to maintaining COVID-19 controls
  • All workers, delivery staff and visitors must sign into site and record their previous destination
  • Ensure you provide wash stations, hand sanitiser and appropriate PPE

Leaving site

  • All workers, delivery staff and visitors must sign off site and record their next destination
  • All workers to thoroughly wash hands upon leaving the site
  • Make sure everyone acknowledges their responsibility to let you know if they suspect they may have contracted COVID-19

Manage daily operations

Working on site each day:

  • Maintain a physical distance of 2 metres
  • Once everyone’s on-site, you cannot leave and re-enter, so bring enough food and drink.
  • Review the COVID controls each week with everyone onsite
  • Make sure people aren’t sharing tools, otherwise disinfect tools and surfaces between people
  • Everyone disposes of their own rubbish (incl cigarette butts)


  • Make sure you have alcohol based hand sanitisers available
  • Disinfect all high touch areas daily
  • Toilets need to be 2 metres apart


  • Essential people on site only
  • All other visitors must follow site entry guidelines
  • Designate one worker to manage any visitor requirements
  • Ensure visitors don’t touch anything on site


  • All deliveries need to be contactless
  • Ensure suppliers and delivery companies also have a COVID-19 specific plan
  • Do not take delivery of paperwork, take a photo instead
  • If you need to conduct a 2 person lift make sure not to mix bubbles, either 2 site workers or 2 delivery p